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In the absence of writing (both blogging and catching up on my fantasy story) I have been watching a lot of TV shows.  Not reruns of quality comedies like ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Modern Family’ as I did last year when taking frequent breaks from writing my novel in progress, but actually getting into all kinds of TV watching, from reality shows to the ultimate in miniseries, ‘Game of Thrones’.  Since I am interested only in quality shows I tend to scrap a lot of series after only one viewing if I suspect these shows cater to the lowest common denominator. 


I’ve made a list of my favourites.


Reality Series:


1) Survivor

This show still remains the best for edge-of-your seat dramatic interactions among fractious personality types placed in uncomfortable  conditions on a quest to win a million bucks.  I find this is a cannot-miss show.


2) The Voice

Terrific judges this year coupled with fantastic vocalists singing some really catchy songs makes this a must-see for me.  I really love Shakira and Usher.  Blake Shelton is adorable and Adam Levine is growing on me.  He’s my type of singer and I wish he would sing more songs on the show.  His voice is beautiful.


3) American Idol

See above.  The contestants are perhaps not as talented as the ones on The Voice but the top three or four could compete quite nicely with perhaps the top ten on The Voice.


4) Flipping Vegas

I have only one thing to say: Amy Yancey rules!  Seriously, if you’re fans of real estate shows you have to watch this one.  It’s far and away the best of the lot.


Comedy Series:


1) Big Bang Theory

Always so clever and still funny after all these years.


2) Modern Family

Wonderfully written, tight storylines, unravelling perfectly around some terrifically loveable characters, although some unfortunate stereotypes appear among them.  The stereotyping puzzles me because the show otherwise seems written by intelligent people, so I have to assume that it’s done on purpose.  Perhaps to prove how silly stereotyping is?  I don’t know.


3)  Hot in Cleveland

Betty White’s show is a marvelous hoot and so is she at age 90.  It’s about four 50-ish women living together with Betty and all the funny situations they get themselves into.  It’s also great to see natural-looking women instead of overly made up victims of plastic surgery in the leading roles.


4) Girls

I shouldn’t have left this one for last, but these favourites are not in any particular order anyway.  I’ve been watching ‘Girls’ since its inception and it keeps growing along with its characters, in fascinatingly messy style.  Sometimes it’s like watching a train wreck but mostly it’s like having the inside track on an intimate view of these women’s lives, warts and all, and they don’t pretend to try to conceal them.  It’s brilliant.




1) Game of Thrones

Still the best miniseries on TV.  It’s a fantasy but steeped in so much reality, blood, guts and perhaps some other bodily fluids.  And all men must die.  (But not women?)


2) The Bridge

I love this show!  I missed some of the episodes during the first season so I’ve preordered the DVD set.  It’s a harrowing story, along the lines of ‘Breaking Bad’ although perhaps not quite as violent and certainly not at all a copycat of that acclaimed series.  And I have a crush on Demian Bichir.


3) Elementary

I’ve always been a fan of Johnny Lee Miller and he does a wonderful job as Sherlock Holmes in this series.  Other friends of mine prefer the show with Benedict Cumberbatch but I am not here to compare the two and praise one while dissing the other.  I hate that.  If I watched the other show I’d probably love it too, but I can’t watch everything and for now this one will do just fine.


4) Intelligence

This new series with Josh Holloway was extremely interesting although I watched only a few episodes.  I’ll have to get the DVD set!


To be continued from time to time…





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